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How do I obtain records that do not contain any redaction?

Many records do not contain confidential or exempt information and can be provided to you without redaction.  
However, there is certain information (“confidential”) that the laws mandate that agencies do not release or are permitted only to release in certain circumstances or to certain designated individuals pursuant to the law.  Two examples of confidential information would be releasing a person’s social security number or releasing information in a record that may identify a victim of child abuse and certain sexual offenses.  Records containing information designated by the law as confidential will be released by Pensacola Police Department only in accordance with the law.
Other information that may be redacted from the record you receive is information designated as “exempt”.   The statutes which designate information as exempt permit agencies to redact certain limited information in accordance with the laws that has been recognized by lawmakers as sensitive and necessary not be released.   Two such examples of “exempt” information would be the portions of a record that would reveal an undercover law enforcement officer or checking or credit card account numbers.